Why Editing Your Content Can Improve Your Authority

Authority is one of those mysterious factors that search engines such as Google measure when ranking web pages. I don’t want to go into what makes up ‘authority’, however I think one way you can improve your credibility, and with it your authority, is to ensure your content has been edited.

It can be difficult editing your own content, but not impossible. One of the best ways to edit your own content is to simply leave it – walk away from it, and come back 8, 12 or even 24 hours later. You will be surprised at how many spelling, grammatical or punctuation mistakes you find. You will also come across passages of text that are either superfluous, or just don’t deliver the message the way you intended it.

One of the best ways to edit your content is to have someone else read it and point out the errors they find. Another set of eyes can often pick out the errors, errors that you can look at a hundred times and still miss.

Editing your content prior to publication is important when it comes to credibility. That content is representing you so if there is poor spelling, grammar, or punctuation, the reader will transfer that poor image of the content directly onto your business. This then extends down the line. Who wants to link to a page that is full of errors, or is difficult to read? Webmasters, when they link to other pages, want to do so as a benefit to their readers – if they link to a poor site, that reflects on them.

I would also suggest that periodically you go back and edit some of your old content. This is particularly important for pages that are ranking well and receiving a lot of traffic directly – often known as a landing page. If the content is outdated then that too could also reflect poorly on your site. Keeping that information up to date, or at least providing a clear link to an up to date version of the content shows your visitors you are professional and you stay in control of your web site.

Good quality content that has perfect (or as near perfect as possible) spelling and grammar creates a positive image in the eyes of the reader. This helps to keep them on the page and gives them confidence to move onto other pages. This can help to reduce bounce rates whilst providing content that others will happily link to – improved content leads to improved credibility, which ultimately equates to improved authority – all because you spent an extra few minutes editing the content prior to publishing.

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