What Makes Good SEO? Creating Content For Your Reader Or Content For The Search Engine

I know it is a long title but it is an interesting SEO concept that is worth discussing. It’s a bit like the chicken and the egg – which comes first, content to satisfy the reader or content that gets you ranked so that you get visitors to read your content?

If that concept has troubled you at all and left you wondering which direction to take – the answer is fairly straightforward. I know, you are waiting for me to say neither, but I wont. Content for your reader has to be your primary concern. What about SEO, I hear you say? That is also an easy one to answer.

Let me go back to square one. You are writing content for a reason and that reason should, in the first instance, be for your readers. They are potential customers, subscribers, or just regular visitors. It all depends on your site’s overall aim. With that in mind, they have to be your primary focus. You have to take everything from the perspective that search engines could all die tomorrow – where will that leave you?

Visitors to your site come from a lot of different sources – this is particularly true if your SEO program is working for you, and you undertake some social marketing. Okay, you don’t rank highly in the search results – traffic can be found elsewhere. However, all is not lost. Let’s now get you ranked in the search results with that killer content.

Remember, I said to write primarily for your readers. Now that you have that killer copy – think of the search engines. Can I adjust the title to include a keyword? Can the first paragraph include a keyword – likewise the rest of the content? Don’t overdo it. In fact, having a keyword in the title along with the first and last paragraph is a great start. Try a few variations within the content and you are giving your search engine optimization chances a real boost.

The simple inclusion of a picture, image or graphic that is, of course, keyword optimized using alt and title tags can also help.

What have you done? You have written content for your readers first. You have then optimized the content for the search engines whilst still leaving your content basically intact. Create killer content for your readers and leave the SEO as the final act. It’s a sure-fire winner in the long run!

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