Also known as paint with diamonds or diamond art, diamond painting is an emerging creative art form that people of all ages love. It uses tiny diamond-like structures to create attractive and colorful images with beautiful sparkles and shine. Diamond painting is based on the technique of painting with numbers, an old form of art whose history dates back to the early 1950s.

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With its origins in the East, the new hobby has gained popularity among fans of handicraft across the world. The craft makes use of varied types of activities such as mosaic and embroidery to attain the end result. It’s a fun DIY craft that’s easy to learn and practice, and it´s also meditative for people of all ages.

Although relatively new, the craft is fast exploding in popularity for many reasons ranging from its varied benefits to ease-of-access and use. Many sellers across the globe provide diamond art kits at varied prices and quality to meet different needs and budgets. Though the availability of many sellers could make it hard to choose where to buy, it also means the kits are easily accessible.


With diamond painting, you might lose yourself in the artwork for hours and come up with a sparkling design you’ll love enough to want to hang on your interior walls. Just like other forms of art and painting, diamond painting has many health benefits, explaining its surge in popularity over the last few years. It eliminates many of the daily stresses and anxieties in your everyday life.

According to the American Journal of Public Health, painting can calm stress and anxiety in cancer patients; if it can help ease those with critical health problems, what about you? The soothing effect that diamond painting has on the brain makes it therapeutic for a chaotic mind. Learn more about Diamond Dotz check here https://justcalendars.com.au/collections/diamond-dotz

The positive effects on the mind can help improve your focus and memory. The craft also refines your motor skills, sparks creativity and can increase your social circles online through interactive social media diamond painting groups and online communities.

The trending new DIY art makes a perfect way to relax or a good family craft project. It’s also a good way to practice mindfulness as part of relaxing your body and mind. The repetitive application process engages you, deeply connecting your inner self to the activity. You use your time well to create a unique piece of art.  


Apart from framing your finished artwork (like a canvas painting or printed posters) and hanging it on your walls, they also make excellent gifting ideas for Christmas, birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. Diamond paintings are fun to create and display on your walls at home.

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The pieces of art on your walls can add effects to your walls at home, making it more vibrant and lively with a personal touch. Colour also makes interior spaces more stylish and energetic, improving your home’s general look. Embroidery options are perfect for bedrooms, symbolizing traditionally your good fortune.

What’s more, there are lots of options to choose from in terms of colors, texture, round and square gems, materials (canvas, paper, tarpaulin, etc.) size and design (slogan, character or imaging); whether you prefer 3D or 5D effects, partial or full drills, or multi-paneling. The endless options are bound to delight your senses and help you find your happy place in life


Whichever design you choose, diamond painting brings out your crafting creativity in a fun and enjoyable way. Your artwork reflects your thought processes and communicates your message or emotions to your audience. The new crafting craze is based on mosaic, cross stitch and numbers, hence easy to practice. It involves a simple application process, making it ideal for both newbies and experts in the field.

The show-stopping artwork not only reflects your beauty but also makes your life more meaningful. Apart from framing your artwork to improve your homes interior design, the craft is also ideal for decorating book covers, pillows and journals, among other items in your home, giving it a new look and the cozy look and feel of diamonds.

Apart from creating gorgeous artwork with diamond-like sparkles and shimmers, and the relaxing nature of the craft, it also makes a great group activity. Diamond painting is a great way to be more creative, happy and mindful as you explore and nurture your artistic skills stress-free.


The craft is ideal for both the young and the aged, newbies and experts because it involves a simple, fun application process. The fun, relaxing activity is gaining popularity among kids and adults alike who love crafting!

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