Use Keyword Research To Target Results Rather Traffic

Sometimes we are so caught up in trying to increase traffic, we forget what the intent of our website is. Keyword research should be based on results rather than simply traffic on its own. This probably sounds contrary to what you have read in the past, but traffic for the sake of traffic is not always good for your site.

Let me give you an example. If you sell blue widgets then targeting a keyword phrase such as ‘installing blue widgets’ will not result in sales. Think about it for a moment – if someone is searching on how to install a blue widget – they must already have it. Chances are, they are not going to want to buy another.

There is an argument that suggests that attracting traffic and providing solutions may lead to sales down the track. It’s quite possible, but that then is a secondary issue, not a primary issue. Your primary focus should be to drive traffic that is wanting to buy what you are selling – today, not next month or next year. Once you have a strong keyword program up and running you can then start to consider those secondary issues.

Returning to the blue widgets example, I am sure if you gave a little careful thought along with some in-depth keyword research you could come up with numerous variations on the phrase ‘buy blue widgets’.

The end result then is a list of keywords that will drive traffic that is focused on an outcome – in the above example, selling blue widgets. Don’t become distracted by finding keywords that have little competition. They may well deliver traffic, but if that traffic is not converting, they could ultimately affect bounce rates and have a negative effect on your site.

Your keyword research is an important part of your SEO program so it needs to be smart and focused on your desired outcome, not just the delivery of traffic.

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