The Design Of The Walking skyblock coins Liberty Halves

The Walking Liberty Half Dollars are an American coin with a monetary value of 50 cents. The United States Mint produced this silver coin from 1916 to 1947. To many numismatics or coin experts, this series represents one of the most beautiful coins ever minted in the US.

The Coin Design

On one side of the coin is Lady Liberty wearing a long gown. The American flag is draped over the shoulders. In one hand she holds olive branches, a symbol of peace. In the corner the sun rises. One the reverse side of the coin is an eagle with outstretched wings perched on a rock. A pine sapling appears to grow from the rock.

The Designer

President Roosevelt was unhappy with the designs on all the coins. In 1915 the new Director of the Mint had a contest for new designs of all the coins.  Adolph A. Weinman was the winner for both the half dollar and also for the dime. Weinman was a sculpture born in Germany in 1870. He immigrated to American with his mother in the 1880s.

Liberty Walking Half Dollars are no longer in circulation, but they are collector’s items.  The coins with the lowest mints or production levels are the most valuable due to their rarity.

The Design of the Flying Eagle Penny

The Flying Eagle one cent coins were designed by Mint engraver James B. Longacre. To create his design he used to motifs that had appeared previously and frequently within earlier United States coins.

The eagle appears on the obverse design. This symbol of America has often been portrayed on the reverse design of coins, either within a wreath or in heraldic form with a shield at its chest. The eagle in flight had appeared on Christian Gobrecht’s silver dollar patterns made in 1836 to 1839.

The reverse design contains a simple wreath with the denomination spelled within. This has been used on some of the smaller denominations like cents, and half dismes. The smaller size suited this simple arrangement, which elegantly displayed the value of the coins.

For the first time, the skyblock coins Flying Eagle Penny was created in pattern form in 1856. These limited produced coins were given out to important people to influence the decision to move to a small cent after the previous large cents. For circulation, the coins would be minted in 1857 in the millions, and then one more year of mintage in 1858 before the design was altered.

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