Should You Keep Your Blogging Software Up To Date?

WordPress has released a new update to their popular blogging tool and thousands have downloaded and installed the latest release. Why not? There are not many software programs that come free of charge with unlimited updates. It also helps to be the number one blogging tool in use at present.

It does, however, raise the issue of whether or not to update the moment a new release arrives on your doorstep. There are many bloggers who upgrade immediately. There are some who never seem to upgrade. And there are those who upgrade when they get around to it. There are also those who are cautious and prefer to let the dust settle before jumping in with an upgrade.

The latter may be the smart ones. Although only available for just over a week, WordPress have already announced that a minor upgrade is on the way to fix several issues from the current upgrade. We have jumped to version 2.8 and straight away to 2.8.1.

If you are using a blog for business purposes then playing the waiting game can often be the wisest move. New releases often have issues that could have serious effects on your SEO efforts. More importantly, some of the previous updates have had serious security problems that have required one or more patches to fix. If you upgrade immediately then you could be leaving your blog open to several serious consequences.

Don’t get me wrong, WordPress is one of the best blogging tools around and this is not meant to be derogatory in any way. However, when it comes to an important business blog, wait until the dust has settled and any patches or minor updates issued, before jumping and upgrading your software. When is comes to most forms of business software, wait and review feedback before upgrading – your data is too important to lose, and that includes your business blog.

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